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Hi Ben,

This is amazing. Two days after an ad blast, I checked my email to find about 150 new messages. While many were junk, 53 of them were messages notifying me about payments to my account. To my amazement, about 10 messages were from people begging me to accept payments by cheques or by other methods. These payment notification messages never stopped coming until about 7 days later.

This is magic. All I did was follow your instructions with some fine-tuning. Three weeks in the program, am already thinking of sacking my boss. Thanks a hell of a lot for this program.

Peter Wilson - Manchester

Peter Wilson is a Manager Associate of Email Processing

(A copy of this letter is available on file for anyone to see)





I had three Internet businesses before I joined rather sceptically. Now my Email Processing Homebiz is making more money for me than all the others put together. I am now giving it all the attention. Others are under suspension.

Andrew Williams - Liverpool





I am a stay-at-home dad. My wife does 9 to 5 in the city with an Oil Company. Never-the-less, I am still the bread winner, thanks to my Ep-Homebiz.

Joe Grant - London




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