Frequently Asked Questions
What are technical requirements of EZ-Net Tools™?
If you can log onto the Internet, you can access our server and hostware. We suggest you use a computer with following minimum requirements:

Pentium Processor
56 Baud Modem
36 MB Ram
Netscape 4, Explorer 4

Note: In choosing an ISP, choose one which does not use proxy servers to cache Web pages.
Do I need a domain name with your system?
No, but we suggest you get one to better market your product or service. If you choose not to get one, your Internet address would be similar to this –
How do I get my own domain name?
Domain names are registered by a government-appointed agency called Network Solutions, formally InterNIC. EZ-Net Tools™ links to the Network Solutions database. You can search and purchase a Domain name from Network Solutions through EZ-Net Tools™.
How do I get graphics from the Internet with EZ-Net Tools™?
With EZ-Net Tools™, you can either use the stock graphics provided with the system or upload your own graphics (in a .gif file format) with EZ-File Manager™ or with the various upload buttons conveniently placed throughout the system.
How do I get my pictures on the Internet?
The Internet supports .jpg, .gif, and .png file formats. (Photos are almost always .jpg.) If you have a library of photos in .jpg format, you simply upload them through EZ-File Manager™ or with the upload buttons. You can scan your existing photos and import the .jpg file. You can also use a digital camera and upload the photograph from the disk. (The file format will need to be converted to the proper format with a graphics or photo imaging software package.)
Can I set-up an e-mail account with you?
Yes, you can have up to 200 e-mail accounts.
How is hostware different from software?
Software is stored on a CD or floppy and uploaded onto your hard drive. It can also be downloaded onto your hard drive over the Internet. Hostware is a combination of software and hardware, which is accessed over the Internet. You simply log in to your account and go to work!
Is EZ-Net Tools™ based off of a catalog like so many other systems?
Definitely not! It is a "free form" system. In other words, each page is created the way you want it to look. Limitations of color, styles, number of pages, number of graphics, etcetera, are virtually removed with a free form system.
Can I have FTP access?
There is no need for FTP. Your Web site is created online. When you save your Web page, it is saved on the internet immediately. Changes are saved just as fast. The EZ-File Manager™ and EZ-Import™ features can upload files, graphics, photos, and HTML pages, as you desire.
How do I process credit cards with EZ-Net Tools™, and is it secure?
Yes, you have two choices to transact credit cards with EZ-Net Tools™, and both are absolutely secure, thanks to SSL technology.

If you want to process credit cards automatically, you can use the automatic credit card processing feature linked through AuthorizeNet®.

If you don’t want credit cards to be automatically processed, you can use EZ-Net Tools™ Order Retrieval method, which features 3-Way Encryption.
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