Graphic Blocks

You can use a Graphic Block to insert a stock image or graphic onto your Web page. You can also use the upload feature to upload a new graphic directly from your computer!
The following picture was uploaded into a Graphic Block:

Graphic & Text
With a Graphic & Text Block, you write text and place a graphic to the left or right of the text.
This is what a Graphic & Text Block looks like:

Graphic & Bulleted Text
With this block you arrange a bulleted text list to the left or right of a graphic. You can even make the bulleted text items link to other locations!
This is what a Graphic & Bulleted Text Block looks like:

Graphic, Text, & Graphic
With this block, you have the ability to put text in between two graphics.
This is what a Graphic, Text, & Graphic Block looks like:

Credit Cards
This block will automatically display the credit card logos for the credit cards you chose to accept when you set up your order form. If you only accept Visa and MasterCard, only those two credit card logos will appear!
The following credit cards are supported by EZ-Order™:

MasterCard Visa

EZ-Net Tools™ provides a wide variety of banner graphics, which can be used for special promotions. Click here to see some examples.
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